Pipette & Chart supports R&D-driven companies in their search for new technologies and innovative solutions. Our boutique consultancy business is dedicated to helping you innovate, grow, and prosper.

Partner With Our R&D Accelerator

We’ll help you plan, create, and execute your R&D project in a streamlined, efficient manner.

We can show you how to accelerate the passage of your product or technology from lab to market, minimizing any potential risks. We know that the development process is complex and multi-staged, so we provide a structured approach that ensures each step proceeds smoothly and successfully.

Phase 1

Concept Building

Find ideas with unlimited potential

Using our extensive network and experience, we’ll analyze current technological trends, market tendencies, and the IP environment. Then we’ll give you a detailed overview of the most relevant concepts and opportunities that fit your goals and capabilities.

Case Studies:

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Phase 2


Build a foundation for innovation

Phase 3

Product development

Enhance readiness and find funding

Phase 4

Business Case & Commercialization

Preparing for take-off

Phase 5


Finding a wider market

Additional Services


Growing your knowledge base

CEO & Investor Advisory

Future-proofing your business

Our team of experts has a strong interdisciplinary focus, with a particular emphasis on life sciences, advanced materials, biotechnology, nanotechnology, hardware, and VR/AR/MR applications.


Marek Polčák

CEO & Co-Founder of VRgineers

Use Case Identification & R&D Funding

Lili & Vladimir helped us to link unique features of our XTAL headsets to unmet needs within the healthcare space. After defining strategic use cases worth persuading, Pipette & Chart accomplished to raise R&D funding for us to explore the first concepts and partnerships.



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