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Liliana Berezkinová

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Liliana is a passionate entrepreneur and lead advisor in the field of emerging technologies and commercialization of breakthrough science. She spent seven years leading and supervising nanotech and biotech businesses, as well as creating business models and strategies for products in discovering new drugs, regenerative medicine, personal care, and cosmetics. During the course of her career, she has developed and actively participated in multiple initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, and promoting the scientific excellence and competitiveness of SMEs. Her passion lies in accelerating early-stage projects, developing innovative strategies, and internationalizing businesses.

Vladimir Rassushin

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Vladimir launched his career as a researcher working with nanostructures and polymers. He went on to broaden his insights through experience with various biotech product development programs utilizing advanced materials. The strong combination of a scientific background and passion for process optimization and business at first brought Vladimir to the position of Chief Scientific Officer and then to becoming a founder of Pipette & Chart. Vladimir’s role in the company centers around connecting business and science in an efficient mix, as well as building a bridge between the technology and strategic goals of our clients for a smooth and targeted technology transfer process.

Ira Saul Rubenstein

Senior Advisor - Business Development & Capital Formation

Ira began his lengthy career in the mid-1970s working in government in New York, then did a stint in industry consulting to companies and government agencies, and entered the finance arena in the late 1980s. His longtime finance focus is alternative energy and clean technology of all kinds; he spent two decades working in finance in New York, coming to Prague to pursue regional and global opportunities in 2005 and then moving permanently to the Czech Republic (where he has since become a citizen) in 2009. He still maintains his finance relationships through positions as Senior Advisor – International Business with Prague-based Traficon Advisors, s.r.o. and as Senior Investment Banker (holding multiple FINRA licenses) with Berkeley, California-based Starlight Investments, LLC. Ira loves the energy founders and innovators bring to business and works in various ways to help them succeed. He is Mentor - Technology Transfer at Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), the largest and oldest technology-oriented Czech university. He also initiated The Innovation SPOT at Pragovka, intended to be the largest co-creation facility for entrepreneurial companies in Central Europe.

Violeta Martin Gil

R&D & Innovation Funding Manager

Violeta developed her career in the field of Chemistry and Materials Science, particularly focusing on developing advanced polymers for added value applications. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague, University of Twente (The Netherlands), and the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) thanks to an EU grant award where she contributed to international projects with intercultural teams. Violeta has extensive experience in polymers, biomaterials, nanotechnology, formulations, and delivery systems. She is keen to fill the gap between Academia and industry, bringing Science to its final application and building research synergies across Europe and the world.

Maria Kolodenko

Marketing Strategist

Maria works with developing and executing digital marketing solutions working with multiple areas from website optimization and SEO to social media strategy development. Starting with deeply analyzing the current company’s marketing channels and the brand’s idea, Maria develops a proper marketing strategy that helps reach the right people at the right time and deliver products and services to them in the right way. Maria focuses on the way clients approach the brand, properly identifying who needs what and how and where the company might meet this demand and thus picks a strategy firstly based on the target client’s profile.

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